Posted by: eliseanne | December 20, 2010

discounted memory, christian book stores, & veterans for peace

Not only does racism result in racist actions, but it also silences the voices and discounts the memories of the people of color on the receiving end of those actions.

Because although you may hear white people claim that people of color make mountains out of molehills and exaggerate racism and look for racism under every rock, the reality is that people of color deny more racism in a year than white people will acknowledge in a lifetime.  It’s a coping mechanism.

Because what I did was try to convince myself over and over that I did imagine it.


Read the story here


Here is a great post by Shane Claiborne about christian bookstores. What a fantastic, hope-filled perspective. I admire his writing because he so often doesn’t “write-off” so many things within christianity that I find problematic. He uses his Jesus imagination to see a new creation view of possibilities.

When I became a Christian, I learned I didn’t have to stop buying stuff — I just had to start buying Christian stuff. An entire world of retail spending possibilities lay before me: the Christian industrial complex. There were Christian t-shirts, bumper stickers, even Christian candy — “testa-mints” — peppermints wrapped in a Bible verse.

I hope the Christian bookstores continue to sell things like the Bible, good books, and stuff folks need like communion plates and candles. But what if, alongside those things, you could buy a book on how to make your own candles and communion plates. What if next Christmas you went into a Christian bookstore and saw gift cards for digging a well in Africa, or buying a flock of chickens for a family in Guatemala so that they can start their own microbusiness?


This is a reflection on a rally of veterans asking the President to end the war in Afghanistan.

as I watched these veterans strap themselves to the White House gates, I remembered the individual. The unnecessary sacrifice made by these men and women has been forgotten. Fiscally, war is impractical; emotionally, war is destructive; spiritually, war is immoral. God is our greatest advocate.

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