Posted by: eliseanne | March 13, 2010

on a different note…

To lighten the mood, I am providing something purely for entertainment and laughing. I promise to not add any social critique!

I watched this twice and laughed out loud so hard I cried.

Just Enjoy.


Sorry if the video embedding didnt work. I am not cool enough…either that or my siphoned internet is too weak.


  1. Ha! I love the saggy ones on Leslie Ann Warren. Ha!

  2. I found the video at work on friday from a blog, but cant use youtube at work so i only saw a still frame.

    so the first time i saw the video was on my phone, and I couldnt tell Leslie’s were sagging.

    So imagine my surprise today when i watched it on the laptop! OH geez…

  3. […] for something totally unrelated… our friend, Elise, shared this hilarious video on her blog this […]

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