Posted by: eliseanne | January 15, 2010


Haiti, we mourn for you, your people, your land. We mourn for your present, and for your past. We pray for your future.


Please read up on the history of Haiti. Wikipedia it or something to learn why Haiti is so poor.  Search until you find the real truth, of the oppression of Haiti’s people for centuries, devastating the land and the freedom of the people Read of the oppression from the Spanish, the French, and the Dominicans. Read anything by Edwidge Danticat about the history, learn about Toussaint L’Ouverture. Research about the U.S.’s role in globalizatoin, trade, politics, etc and how it keeps Haiti in a downward spiral, violence, and its sneaky interventions in the government (look up Baby Doc and the role of the US…The Agronomist is a good documentary for that). Try hard to learn from the Haitian perspectives, not U.S.

Think with me about the U.S., Spain, EU, and France, acting as great saviors, coming to the side of Haiti in this most desperate time of need – when they all helped get Haiti to such a desperate place of abject poverty.

There is also a good conversation going on at Eugene Cho’s blog about God and Haiti; a good place to wrestle with this level of destruction/horror and a loving/creating God and how/if they can coexist.

Here are some words from Jamaican artist/activist Mutabaruka on Haiti. I encourage you to look up his other poems/lyrics to learn from him and his beautiful way with words and the truth he brings to light (especially  Columbus Ghost). If you need assistance with the language, feel comfortable to ask, and I or others can help.

from the album Melanin Man.

haiti yuh goin an’no one seem to
haiti yuh goin neighbours beware
de poverty an’ death that haunts
de boat dat leave to de u.s.a.
yuh payin for de afrikaness yuh
still keep
yuh payin payin boukman is not a
u gave us haiti de strength to fite
black people in de Caribbean i say
brake de chains dat keep us apart
haiti suffers because it made a
haiti haiti yuh’ave de will
haiti haiti afrika calls u still

too black too strong you’ll ‘ave to
blacker than nite never see n de
but too black is always de reason
for your pain
but your fire for freedom will not
be in vain

haiti haiti yuh goin an’ no ore
seem to care
haiti now but neighbours beware
de blood sweat an’ tears del is
shed today
will be a guide for afrika an’
afrikans along de way

cuba beware
jamaika beware
trinidad beware
grenada beware
Caribbean beware beware beware
care no fear care no fear
Caribbean beware beware beware
break de chains del keep us apart
haiti suffers because it made a
but too black is no reason for pain
de blood for freedom will always
haiti haiti yuh’ave de will
haiti haiti afrika calls u still
Caribbean leaders wet are u goin
to do
today its haiti tomorrow is u
today its haiti tomorrow its u


  1. Hopefully soon, before another penny is spent on Haiti, it’s people, or it’s infrastructure, that America realizes the fragility of this doomed piece of the world. And in a humanitarian position says to it’s survivors there are two options available in which the United States will assist them. ONE: leave the country and the U.S. can put it’s donated money into helping to relocate and to stabilize those people. And, TWO: if anyone who chooses to remain there, to make them aware that the U.S. should not, and will never, help those people again because it is predictable that their country will sustain another devastating earth-tremor-catastrophe in the near future. Remaining there is futile optimistic expectations that have proven to be nothing but a farce. Clear out and be helped, and trash the entire country of Haiti, sell it to a neighboring country for all rights and privileges and use that money to help the survivors. To put a penny more into that hornet’s nest is a freakin’ waste of anyone’s money.

    • Um…..No.

      michellefrommadison, if you are actually interested in a real discussion, reply back and I will try engage this. Otherwise we do not need this kind of non-critical and attacking posts on this blog.

      • What part did you not understand?

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