Posted by: eliseanne | October 16, 2009

Don’t You Tell Me That Racism Doesn’t Exist Anymore

  • A Justice of the Peace denies interracial couples a marriage license. Still. Today. More than once – it is his policy. At least it is illegal. He says, and I quote, “I am not a racist. I just don’t believe in mixing the races in that way.” What the heck does he think racism is, then?!?!
  • A black woman cut in line at Walmart, caused a scene, facing 15 yrs in jail, and the police officer hands her family a card from the KKK saying that “This is a social visit. The next one won’t be.” The family is right in saying that is a terroristic threat. Instead, the law is trying to settle early and hush it up.
    Please watch the video here.  

This one is a little different, but still:

  • Privilege in many forms – a potential dash of racial condescension, a sure splash of disability discrimination, and a whole lot of the privilege to speak from a place of power. After a lot of research and decisions, white woman adopts an abandoned black baby boy from another country, who has known physical and emotional disabilities, while she has 5 biological kids and while her husband is deployed. 18 months later, she realizes she cannot give the baby what he needs (responsible), but also says that they just didn’t bond (irresponsible), that her biological kids didn’t hardly say goodbye to him because they weren’t attached (irresponsible), and that she just didn’t love him like she loved her biological kids (irresponsible). So she gives him up for adoption to someone else (responsible), but then writes a New York Times article about it (irresponsible), and is interviewed on the Today Show (irresponsible) barely referring to the child as human (irresponsible), always describing in detail his disabilities but never his cute stories (irresponsible), seemingly proud of her decisions and feelings (irresponsible) and never mentioning remorse or regret and her overestimation of her abilities (irresponsible) or at having to see the baby go (irresponsible).
    Read a commentary on the privilege she has of doing this and snippets from the NYT story here at Racialicious.
  • I could tell more. From obvious, overt racism, to subtle or institutional racism that is hard for the white eyes to see. They all make us equally sick.



  1. I echo a very unfortunate Amen.

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