Posted by: eliseanne | September 2, 2009

News of interest

This week I have been catching up on my blog reading. Here are some stories that caught my attention/horror that I would like to pass on to you for your awareness. In no particular order.

Leave your thoughts.


  • The TNIV translation is being stopped and Zondervan released a statement slamming it and regretting they produced it. What says you? (From Eugene Cho’s blog)
  • Palestinians in the West Bank are being kicked out of their homes and sent to the streets so that Israeli settlers can take them over. Where are the cries of injustice? (From the blog of my friend Beth in Palestine.)
  • A Boston cop writes an email to buddies and the newspaper frustrated with the mess with Dr. Henry Gates, but he says nothing is about race while calling him a jungle monkey. (From the blog MultiCult Classics, about race, gender, and advertisting). That sounds logical.
  • The MLK Memorial in DC is being stalled again, for reasons that don’t seem to make a lot of sense. Sigh.
  • A “Christian” pastor preached a sermon called “Why I Hate Obama” and said in the sermon and an interview that he does not have to pray for Obama’s good, instead he prays that Obama will die and go to hell to get what he deserves. One of his church members then brought an assault rifle to a health care rally at the White House the next day. And this is OK?!?! Hello?! Where are you Christians?!
  • The CEO of American Apparelclothing line is a sex addict who sets up his work place that just invites sexual harrassment lawsuits. He walks around in underwear often (one time coming to a business meeting wearing only a sock – thankfully covering something more important than a foot), has sex with lots of employees, encourages discussions of sexual things in the work place, and even performed sexual acts during an interview with a magazine in front of the reporter. It is all a part of the brand’s edgy style to meet 20somethings who are open and explorative about sex, and it matches with their advertising creativity. Again, I say, Hello?! How is this OK?!?! [Warning: The Dateline report is good but does have sexual sample ad photos]



    btw, that’s a good description on some of the health care changes in the air

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