Posted by: eliseanne | July 31, 2009


I hate that it has been so long since I’ve blogged (sorry). But life has been fairly crazy and drama filled, and I’ve been decently emptied/worn out when I do have the chances to blog. So in light of the last post, I shall try to list some positive things in life right now. To be honest, it would be easier to make a list of negatives/hard things, but that is for another day. Time to be optimistic.

Hopefully I will be back in swing of regular posting again soon.

–> What are the positives in your life right now? Please share.


* camping with old friends next weekend
* spending time with old but forever girl friends and being able to stay focused on what connects us, not what divides us
* jules being back in town
* megan getting a job
* colored extensions in hair….makes me happy every time i see them
* husband. xoxo
* rain and breezes
* water aerobics with mom and old ladies, good to be in the water again
* marietsa coming in town this weekend
* kima being in town last weekend
* connecting jennifer last weekend
* growing and learning with hubby
* personal bridal shower for sis in law tomorrow
* shopping for said shower 🙂
* God = in control
* church. praise dance last week.
* richard friend and chillin
* avery friend and processing
* ginn friends and connecting
* sister-in-law’s upcoming wedding
* coming babies of many people i love
* counselor tom
* not 1, but 2 cars
* housing
* $$
* not 1, but 2 jobs
* laptop
* free wi-fi
* love
* grace
* shalom
* jesus
* family and close friends who follow jesus too


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