Posted by: eliseanne | July 15, 2009

“Negative Posts”

I am not a pessimist by nature – I promise. I am an optimist mixed with a realist.

So why am I always writing so negatively and critically? (i.e. the most recent post!)

It’s my desire to explore and live out the pushback against the every-day, mainstream messages I hear in my life, especially as a member of the dominant culture.

I want to speak up for those being silenced. I want to bring more voices and ideas to the discussion. I believe that no one person or people group “has it all figured out.”

And I dont claim to have it figured out either. And I dont believe that everything I critique is a lost cause and horrible of-the-pit-of-hell stuff. I’m just sharing the other side.

My hero Dr. Soong-Chan Rah describes going to a baseball game where there was standing room only. He started behind home plate, where he could see the balls and strikes really well, but not the fly balls. Then he moved to left field and could see fly balls really well, but not balls and strikes. Etc. There is always more than one side to a story. We just only here one side, often the same side, so much. It is kind of a life mantra for me to see stories from more than just my side.

That’s why I welcome dialogue so much – we all learn from each other and our own perspectices. We can’t be completely objective outside of all that shapes us, but we can add more dimensions to what shapes us, and thus be better equipped to understand and learn.

Gee, this sounds like the Judge Sotomayor hearings, doesn’t it?! 😉


I’m sorry if I sound too negative too often. Bear with me. I will try to find something positive to bring to light soon!

Peace be with you and yours.


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