Posted by: eliseanne | May 22, 2009

Brain overload

Or is it writer’s block?

This morning I was contemplating something deep in my head and was so excited for my weekly Thursday jaunt to the closest free wi-fi spot. Then I went to work and got involved in such deep contemplative discussion, wrestling over and over with things….that I forgot what I was going to write about.  And now I had so much in my head, that I didn’t know where to start with blogging. As an external processor, it kills me to feel overloaded. I need to get it out to understand it! But…it will have to wait.

In the mean time, some teasers……

* What do you do with a mom of 3 teens in the hood, who is mentally, emotionally, and willfully incapable of caring for her children? When she manipulates and uses them for her own intents and purposes, holding them back from school, activities, etc? ……..What do you do with all of that in a broken foster care / child protection system?

* What do you do with the teen who punches the other guy in the head so hard he collapses 3x trying to get back up.; all over a foul? ………What do you do with that when you are understaffed and on a hiring freeze, so have no adult in the gym?

* What do you do with a company headship that doesn’t understand on the ground ministry, and they’re the ones making all of your policy decisions and approving things?………..What do you do with that when questioning them, for the betterment of your clients, threatens your job?

* What do you do with blantant sexual objectification of women in every arena of life, and the men who deny its existence simply because they don’t think they experience it? ………What do you do with that when men are the ones in charge of almost every arena of life?

What, honestly, do you do??


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